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Sen-i Janaru (Textile Journal) carried the following article on September 28, 2007
Strengthened network; with a view to the Asian market
Fashion Cloth Furushima led the way for the inspection, pressing, and mending industries into China in 1994. At present the company has two factories in Shanghai , and quality test centers in Qingdao, Changzhou, Dalian, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Nanjing, Nantong and Shanghai, the major apparel producing areas in China.
Furushima has grown into the leading QC company in the Japanese garment industry, dealing with as many as 80 million items annually from knitwear products to dishcloths. Recently businesses that rely on Furushima have recently shifted their focus. Where they used to handle basically apparel they have now ventured into the sale of fashion and lifestyle goods from neckties, shoes, bags to tableware. Therefore, Furushima has strengthened its inspection system to deal with these new products. In order to cope with the increased business, the company has moved its No. 1 factory in Shanghai to the Jinshan district and significantly stepped up its manufacturing process capacity.
Fashion Cloth Furushima's basic stance is to seek constant improvement at each stage of the process of inspection, mending, pressing, storage and distribution, thereby creating an overarching support system. In the area of high-quality fashion, Furushima provides excellent services in terms of both technology and cost. In the meantime, Furushima has set up a new base in India for further expansion into the Asian market.
In order to respond to the increasing demand for reduction of distribution costs and shortened delivery deadlines, a new system is now under consideration and will be put into effect soon.
The finishing process will be done completely at Furushima's overseas bases. In the future, Japanese brands will enter the China market and Furushima will be there to support our customers and with a variety of services.


Myanmar、Philippines established    New head office building established


Vietnam、Cambodia established

2011 Bangladesh、Indonesia established
July 4, 2005

Shanghai No.2 inspection factory; Meeting the needs of the China arket

July 1, 2005 To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai Furushima Fashion Co., Ltd.; opening ceremony of the No. 2 inspection and logistics factory
Mar. 28, 2003 Advice to customers based on test results / Shanghai Furushima Textile Support Co., Ltd.
Mar. 17, 2003 Commencement of inspection using display bust and hanger; Fashion Cloth Furushima expands its services to products destined for markets other than Japan
June 26, 2002 Rapid business expansion; bases established in various places
June 26, 2002 Expansion of services by opening new company, while maintaining steady progress at its existing facilities in Cina
June 26, 2002 From its high reputation in China, the company develops its international strategy
Feb. 15, 2002

Direct shipping from production sites by means of a total logistics service / cooperation with retailers a key factor for success

Nov. 29, 2001

Inspection and mending a new outlet for the company
Attempt to differentiate the company from other competitors through its original technology / growing demands of on-site inspection in China

Oct. 31, 2001 Inspection and mending: in response to changes in apparel industry / enhancing its originality in mending service
July 9, 1999

Inspection, repair and logistics
Quick response to customers and stepped up efforts for better merchandise / apparel industry focuses on the direction of changes
To respond to global competitiveness

June 8, 1999 Fashion Cloth Furushima establishes its 3rd base in China, a joint venture in Changzhou