China.India.Inspection/Finishing/Distribution of clothes
From its high reputation in China, the company develops its international strategy

Nihon Sen-i Shimbun, June 26, 2002

For Japan, China is indispensable for production, whereas for China Japan is its important market. With their mutual relations increasingly important, inspection and its related work is essential to the prevention of troubles and promotion of steady trade.

Wu Shi Liang, director general of Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that Fashion Cloth Furushima has been an “old friend for past eight years” for its bureau and its business with Furushima is solidly developing as well as their good relationship.
Exports reached 120.4 billion dollars in 2001 and containers numbered about 6,350,000. Trade grows every year and more than 7 million containers are expected this year. Currently textiles account for 22 % of exports but this could shrink in the future. However, the overall export will be reportedly increasing.
Although the production base tends to move to inland China, almost all the export goods are shipped via Shanghai. ccording to the director, inspection and logistics needs will be expanded. He promised his support to the development of the company through the close contact with Furushima.

Wang Qiu Xia, director general of Changzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau also emphasized its steady business expansion through the close ties with Furushima. The company continues running surplus and its trade is growing. The director general praised Furushima’s education of its employees, its qualified staff and their professional work.
We visited two entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureaus, where their representatives expressed full support for future business expansion, an indication of strong expectations of Chinese side towards joint ventures with Japan.
Preparations for business expansion are progressing at a good pace. “We would like to deal with products for China’s domestic market and those for the European and the US markets as well as for Japan” ( Furushima, CEO). Furushima envisions further business expansion in overseas markets.