China.India.Inspection/Finishing/Distribution of clothes

Fashion Cloth Furushima is acclaimed as the leading company for its ability to respond comprehensively with a range of services from inspection to logistics. We promise quality and reliability. Furushima's strength lies in our unceasing efforts. While dealing with one sector, we have always paid attention to other related sectors, which, we believe, helps us accomplish qualitative improvement of our work. As a result our business becomes systematic, highly intergrated and always ahead of the times.

We realize that our greatest strength is our people. "Integrity, technology and effort" is our motto. Human resources, skill and know-how are crucial to our success.

Our company has always focused on human resources and has paid great effort to create an enjoyable working environment. That is why I can give you a warm handshake and say with pride, "You can depend on Furushima."

The fashion world is not just on-stage glitter. Much effort is required behind the scenes. It would be beyond its resources for one company alone to cope with everything. With our professional approach Furushima undertakes the many details of inspection, mending of imported clothing, pressing (to guarantee the appearance of clothing), label printing, storage and distribution. We offer a full range of services to our customers through our systematized facilities, our talented and experienced people and high level of know-how.

Whatever you need, please do not hesitate to enquire.