China.India.Inspection/Finishing/Distribution of clothes

We established Shanghai Furushima in 1994, our first joint venture in China, followed by those in Qingdao in 1997 and in Changzhou, Dalian and Zhuhai in 1999, where we undertake inspection services. Our inspection system, which aims at precise detections of defects before shipping in China, still need further efforts to lower the defect rate in the products. Our original service is to identify the cause of defects and put it right. Hence, we would like to be directly on the production floor to provide 3rd party inspection services to our customers.

From 2002 our company extended its reach into fabric testing and inspection, mending, storage and distribution, thereby quickly responding to our customer's needs including the need to reduce costs. Our total support system ensures that our customer's products are of high quality.The workflow of our total support system is as follows:

Quality testing of cloth (color fastness, physical properties, analysis, wash resistance) and appearance testing of products are conducted in cooperation with Japan Wool Product Inspection Institute Foundation, and on that basis, certificates issued.
Inspection teams are dispatched to customersf factories to give technical guidance during the production to ensure a high-level of quality before whole products are produced.

Random inspections are carried out prior to the total-quantity inspection and product features are investigated. At this stage in the event of a certain percentage of defects being discovered in the products, customers are contacted and appropriate measures discussed.


Whole products are inspected. An inspection team is dispatched to the customer's factory, with consideration to factory location and delivery deadline.


If defects are discovered and mending is possible.


All pieces that pass initial inspection are passed through needle detectors to prevent the inclusion of hazardous materials.


When the inspection is completed, the storage, delivery and distribution of the finished products are done in our factory, thereby reducing costs.

Inspection of the entire lot of product produced in places other than India and China;
Pressing of garments on hangers;
Inspection of garments on hanger is conducted in China and random inspection and pressing are carried out in Japan.