China.India.Inspection/Finishing/Distribution of clothes
Rapid business expansion; bases established in various places

Nihon Sen-i Shimbun (Nissen Media), June 26, 2002,

Fashion Cloth Furushima( Kunio Furushima, CEO) steps up its China strategy, providing a total behind-the-scenes support to the fashion industry, setting up many new bases and responding to new challenges.
Compared with other competitors, Fashion Cloth Furushima was late to advance into China yet is actively expanding its business there. In August, 1995 it started its business in China with the establishment of Shanghai Furushima Fashion Co. Ltd. Then came Qingdao Furushima inMarch 1997 followed by Changzhou Furushima in May 1999 andFurushima(Zhuhai’s) subsidiary in Dalian in 2000and Zhuhai in 2001. Within just five years the company created its network, with bases in the north, south and middle of China.

Its next target was to offer a total service to its customers. In April this year it established Shanghai Support in cooperation with the Japan Wool Products Inspection Institute Foundation, which started quality testing and issuance of certificate services.From next year it plans to enhance its finishing services in each base and work on building up its logistics system. With these services the company attempts to create a total support system like in Japan.
While quite a number of its competitors are reportedly encountering difficulties, Furushima has achieved steady results, with assured profits every year in each of its bases in China. Its finishing service is not yet in great demand and therefore it plans to strengthen this high-value added finishing service, indispensable for luxury products. Furushima, CEO,said that the company is equipped with same multi-function facilities as its factories in Japan. He said its services would be conducted within their capacity mainly for women’s garments.

As far as logistics concerned, the company intends to take steps to develop its services within the coming 3 years, first in Shanghai and Zhuhai, then next year in Qingdao and Dalian. These services will be closely linked with the head office in Japan and limited to storage, delivery and distribution and picking operations. The company will utilize outsourcing and expand the scope of the business under its own control.