China.India.Inspection/Finishing/Distribution of clothes

Furushima provides behind the scenes support for the fashion industry

The fashion industry is not just a matter of the glitter of the stage but also needs a great deal of behind the scenes work.
Fashion Cloth Furushima provides the backstage support for the fashion industry, handling the complex processes of inspection and mending, cloth testing and inspection, pressing, label printing, storage, delivery and distribution.

Inspection, pressing, mending and distribution in China and India

Fashion Cloth Furushima led the way for the inspection, pressing, repair and distribution industries into China.
Currently the company has two factories in Shanghai and quality test centers in Qingdao, Changzhou, Dalian, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Nanjing, Nantong and Shanghai. It has also opened a new base in India for further expansion in the Asian market.

Total support to the fashion business

Fashion Cloth Furushima has been consistent in raising the level in its services from cloth testing and inspection, mending and pressing, to logistics in China and in Japan. We have created and facilitated a total support system.
Furushima offers outstanding performance in terms of technology and cost for those who need high quality.

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